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costs and INSURANCE

The cost of medical care and the insurance reimbursement environment are undergoing some very dramatic changes and patients are now facing new challenges in how they choose their doctor and how the cost of treatment is paid for. No place is this more difficult than in the case of a patient in need of breast surgery.


The fact is that good care takes time and expertise. Trends in insurance reimbursement are dramatically reducing the payment for all types of medical care. Doctors that participate in insurance plans are forced to accept far less than traditional fees and the level of reimbursement is continuing to decrease while the costs of maintaining a practice are increasing.


As a result, the level of care may be compromised. Dr. Cassell does not participate in insurance plans because she feels that she is unable to deliver outstanding care at the level of reimbursement most plans now pay. That means that patients must make a choice in deciding whether they can or should decide to go "out of network" and pay out of pocket for for medical care in excess of the amount covered by their insurance.


In considering this alternative the patient should keep in mind that the total cost of a surgical procedure includes much more than the surgical fee. Hospital charges, anesthesia, radiology, and many other services are performed by the hospital and hospital related groups that do accept insurance. Therefore, when deciding to go outside of your insurance the added cost will be the surgical fee, not the entire cost of your care. This requires a personal choice.


The cost may be higher to choose Dr. Cassell but the time we spend with each patient, the level of care we provide, and the support we give makes this necessary. If you need to discuss your personal financial situation please let us know.  We do take into consideration special needs. 

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