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special surgical PROCEDURES

Not all breast surgeons are equal.  


In many cases the level of care that a patient receives is directly related to a few basic variables:


  • Surgical training

  • Surgical experience

  • Available technology

  • Hospital Capabilities

  • Support Team

  • Support Services


It is precisely for these reasons that patients seek out specialists that have the training, experience, and relationships that allow them to provide the highest level of care. 


​For local patients this means finding the best in New York City. For others it means traveling to New York from outlying areas.  Yet, for others it means coming to the United States from a foreign country.


The list of surgical procedures offered to Dr. Cassell's patients in tandem with her associated Plastic Surgeons is extensive, but it is interesting to understand about a few of the more noteworthy.





Please be patient as we complete this page .... and come back in a few days.  


Thank you.


Lauren S. Cassell, MD

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