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the TEAM approach

For many patients, when surgery is not necessary, Dr. Cassell will work in tandem with your radiologist to determine the extent of your problem and your treatment. However, for patients facing more complex problems other specialists will be needed to form your team.


Primary Care Physician


Your primary care physician is essential to ensuring that your breast treatment is coordinated with your overall medical  care. Dr. Cassell will keep your Primary Care doctor informed about every aspect of your treatment and together they will create and coordinate a treatment plan specifically suited to your needs.





Your radiologist may have been the one who referred you to Dr. Cassell but in all cases Dr. Cassell and your radiologist work in tandem to be sure that all you screening has been thoroughly evaluated. In some cases Dr. Cassell relies on input from your radiologist to radiologically mark certain growths than cannot be located on physical examination.


Oncologist and Radiation Therapist


Some post surgical cases require follow up chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. Dr. Cassell works with a wide range of specialists in these fields and recognizes the important medical and personal role that they play in your treatment. Dr. Cassell will use her best instincts to guide you to the correct provider to suit your various needs and your personality.


Plastic Surgeon


In cases where a patient is in need of a mastectomy Dr. Cassell will usually suggest immediate reconstruction. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. Different surgeons have different skill sets and Dr. Cassell will help guide you to the one that is best suited to your particular situation. Of all the team members the plastic surgeon is the one with whom surgery is most integrated since she and the plastic surgeon will be operating together.




In many cases patients seek services of other specialists. Physical therapy may be advisable under certain circumstances. Certain patients may seek out acupuncture or massage therapy. Yet others may look to holistic resources including relaxation, herbal medicines, nutritional guidance, etc. Dr. Cassell will gladly work with you as long as traditional medical norms are complied with.

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