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foreign PATIENTS

The United States is respected worldwide for providing the highest level of medical care. We are fortunate to have highly trained physicians practicing in the finest hospitals with the most advanced technology available anywhere. Many of the most advanced procedures were either developed or perfected in the United States.


For many decades foreigners with the financial means have come to the U.S. for medical care. In most cases they come because the advanced treatment options are not available in their home countries. Over Dr. Cassell's 35 years in practice she has treated patients from dozens of foreign countries in all parts of the world.


Deciding to come to the United States for medical treatment is a difficult and complicated decision. There are many considerations that have to be balanced including:


  • Cost of medical care and insurance coverage

  • Choice of physician and medical facility

  • Logistics of where to stay while not in the hospital - both before and after surgery

  • Need for support network

  • Recuperation plan and accommodations

  • Follow up care

  • Travel arrangements and special requirements


Most foreign patients come to Dr. Cassell based on a particular referral, either from their home physician, a physician in the United States, or a personal recommendation. Many of these patients have friends or family in the United States upon whom they can rely for advice and assistance but for those who need help our staff is eager to help.


The cost of medical care for foreign patients is significant and the level of insurance coverage is different in every case. Some patients come with full insurance coverage yet others have none and must pay privately. The ability to understand the full range of costs and payment requirements is complicated and requires careful planning and negotiation.


Our office has a long history of accommodating foreign patients and helping them deal with these many issues. We wil be glad to assist you in making the necessary arrangements including:


  • Understanding the costs that you will be charged

  • Helping you and any family or friends identify appropriate housing

  • Working with you to create a plan for your post-surgical recovery

  • Coordinating with your home physician to ensure that your follow up care is properly administered

  • Assisting with any special travel needs when you return home


Please contact us at:


Lauren S. Cassell, M.D., F.A.C.S.

114A East 78th Street

New York, NY 10075





















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