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short and long term FOLLOW-UP

Post surgery you will likely be home the same day or shortly thereafter. Just because you are home doesn't mean that you will be alone. Our office will make sure that you have the instructions and support needed to recover quickly and with the minimum amount of discomfort. Dr. Cassell is available to her patients as needed and a call to her 24 hour service gets her personal attention quickly.


One of the most important virtues of traditional medical practice and a close doctor-patient relationship is the ability to reach your doctor directly when needed. 


Many patients require long term follow up after their treatment. It is for this reason that we say that in choosing your doctor you are choosing a partner. Most patients are seen every six months or annually and follow up care is prescribed in coordination with your primary care physician, radiologist, and other specialists.


Dr. Cassell has patients that have been with her for decades and the annual visit is often a celebration of a cure. However, vigilance is often necessary and follow-ups are essential. 



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