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Our goal is to provide a setting wherein our patients receive the courtesy and respect they deserve.  We recognize that each patient is an individual with specific needs and personalities and that no two are exactly the same.  We pride ourselves in considering our office staff to be extremely friendly, helpful, patient, and professional.


All patients are seen by appointment only.  For patients in need of routine consultation and follow ups it is necessary to book an appointment in advance. However, special circumstances require special accommodations so our office is always willing to make room for the patient that needs to be seen urgently based on an abnormal finding.


Although most patients are seen in the normal private practice environment sometimes special accommodations are appropriate.  


Elderly Patients


Caring for elderly patients requires an extra degree of sensitivity and patience. Treatment options for the elderly are often different than those for younger patients. As a seasoned professional with decades of life experience Dr. Cassell brings a little extra caring and concern to her senior patients. 


Adolescent Patients


For adolescent girls that require a breast consultation the process can be extremely stressful and uncomfortable. In fact, Dr. Cassell is routinely called upon to treat these patients and works hard to make these girls feel at ease.  If, as a parent, you feel that your daughter needs some special accommodation then please discuss this with our office when you call for an appointment.


Celebrity Patients


Many of Dr. Cassell's patients are in the public eye, whether in politics, entertainment, sports, etc. For them privacy becomes an important concern and a breast consultation requires discretion.  Our office often routinely handles these kinds of requests and will accommodate special office appointments where warranted.


Ethnic Groups


Many ethnic groups have medical issues related to their particular ethnic background and their genetic profile.  This is especially applicable to the Jewish population, Middle Eastern groups, and African-American groups. Dr. Cassell is extremely experienced in the field of genetically related breast disease and works closely with genetic testing facilities and the highest level of genetic counselors to understand the specific needs and concerns of these sub-groups and to develop treatment plans that include vital genetic considerations. For patients with genetic concerns the importance of these considerations cannot be understated.

Lauren Cassell - Breast Surgeon, Breast Cance

Dr. Cassell's "star - sharp as a tack" 101 year-old patient post surgery after a 30 minute procedure for an uncomfortable breast problem performed under local anesthesia. As she left Dr. Cassell's office Dr. Cassell told her "see you in six months for your follow-up." The patient replied "See you in six months .... that's a great title for my memoirs."

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