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Choosing the right breast surgeon begins with a referral which most often originate from a patient's existing physician, either primary care, gynecologist or radiologist. However, many patients come to Dr. Cassell through recommendations from other patients or from having seen Dr. Cassell in the media or read about her in the literature.


No matter how the patient is referred to her office the doctor-patient relationship only begins to develop once the patient has been examined has had the opportunity to discuss her particular problem. It is during this process that the patient begins to get a feeling as to whether the doctor is a good match for their needs..


For many breast patients, the choice of physician is one that involves a long term relationship and commitment, more so than most other medical conditions. Many patients, including those who may never undergo surgery, require lifelong follow up and regular visits.  Dr. Cassell has hundreds of patients that she has been following for decades. It's not difficult to appreciate that this kind of long term partnership should be an important consideration in choosing your breast surgeon.



doctor-patient RELATIONSHIPS



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