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Many patients get confused about the different names associated with doctors that specialize on the breast. Breast Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist, Women's Health Specialist are all titles that refer to physicians who perform a similar range of services, yet none of these labels is completely accurate.


Dr. Cassell is a "Breast Surgeon,"  however many of her patients never require surgery. Her areas of expertise include both cancerous and non-cancerous issues and therefore the "surgeon" label becomes confusing for the majority of patients who do not require surgery.


Dr. Cassell's expertise encompasses:


  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the breast and surrounding tissue

  • Non-cancerous growths involving the breast and surrounding tissue

  • Problems involving lactation

  • Breast issues in male patients

  • Genetic screening, counseling, and identification of breast cancer risk factors

  • Risk-reduction breast surgery


Although Dr. Cassell practices traditional medicine, she is supportive of adjunct holistic approaches including acupuncture, massage, nutritional, and other therapies as long as they do not interfere with traditional medical practice.  

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